Earthfirst® Biopolymer Films is a global manufacturer of compostable sealant and barrier sealant films within food, beverage, medical, personal care, office, industrial and other CPG segments. Offices in Columbus Ohio and Ghent Belgium serve 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Who You Do Business With Counts

Our employees make the difference. We employ talented, passionate, and dedicated people with the highest integrity. We believe in doing so, we will succeed in whatever we do. We believe that we must create a workplace where people get out of bed every day and look forward to coming to work. Being successful starts with people.


Global Reach

With offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Ghent, Belgium, we proudly serve customers in 50 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Our solid global footprint is a testament to our commitment to providing environmentally responsible products and innovative solutions.

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Passionate about sustainability, we collaborate with our value chain to commercialize innovative solutions and support the movement towards a more sustainable future. Our journey in sustainability began over 20 years ago with the development and patenting of thin gauge films made from PLA, a versatile biopolymer that remains a cornerstone of our product portfolio.

Leading the Way in Biopolymer Film Extrusion

As historical pioneers in biopolymer film extrusion, we hold several patents on compostable sealant films. Beyond PLA, we offer a variety of industrial and home compostable solutions, including Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and other biobased polymer films.

Earthfirst® Biopolymer Films Timeline
Plastic Suppliers is founded at Blackwood, New Jersey as a privately held corporation by Joe Tatem.
Plastic Suppliers opens its first distribution center in Blackwood, New Jersey.
Plastic Suppliers opens it's second converting and distribution center in Dallas, Texas
Plastic Suppliers opens its third distribution center and converting facility in Chicago, Illinois
Plastic Suppliers opens its fourth converting and distribution center on the west coast with a facility in Los Angeles, California
Plastic Suppliers opens a 5th distribution and converting center in Atlanta, Georgia
Plastic Supplier begins it's first international distribution in Europe through independent reps there.
PSI opens the Columbus distribution center in what is today our plant. The plant has been expanded three time since 1974.
PSI buys two cast and tentered lines from Monsanto and begins its first film manufacturing of Polyflex polystyrene in Columbus Ohio.
Plastic Suppliers acquires 50% of Sidaplax V.O.F. in Gent, Belgium and begins its first international manufacturing and distribution.
An early morning tornado hits the PSi Marietta (Georgia) Industrial Park distribution center and destroys 20 businesses. PSI was one of those businesses severely damaged but no one was hurt. Operations resume within two weeks.
Plastic Suppliers, Inc. corporate office moves to Columbus, Ohio
Sidaplax VOF and Plastic Suppliers operations in Northampton, England .
Plastic Suppliers expands Columbus Ohio with the commissioning of its fourth and largest cast and tentered extrusion lines.
Plastic Suppliers relocates and expands its southwestern operations to Dallas, Texas.
Plastic Suppliers relocates the Blackwood, New Jersey facility to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
Plastic Suppliers opens a second plant in Columbus Ohio including the start up of two blown film lines and a converting center.
Plastic Suppliers is certified ISO 9001:2008.
On May 5th Plastic Suppliers, Inc. is the only plastic manufacturing facility producing EarthFirst PLA Film, via a blown film process.
Psi is awarded Innovative Technology awards from the Flexographic Technical Association and Tag and Label Manufacturers Inc.
Plastic Suppliers, Inc. celebrates its 60th Anniversary in business.
Sidapalx VOF moves to a new site in Gent Belgium after 58 years in a Gent inner-city facility.
PSi invests $1.2 Mn in the US and Belgium in three new high-speed slitters.
PSi announces a $1.7Mn capital improvement plan including updates on both Columbus manufacturing sites and adding capacity to meet growing bio-plastics demand.
PSI earned a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification after ten months of work and a significant investment. An SQF certification contributes to current customer objectives, increases market reach and is preparation for FSMA compliance. It also expands the company's ability to enter additional food-grade packaging markets.
The company decides to go to market globally with its flagship biopolymer range: Earthfirst® to better reflect its commitment to sustainability