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06.06.23 | COLUMBUS, Ohio – May 31, 2023 – Industry leading biopolymer film manufacturer Earthfirst® Films releases a line of soft touch, home compostable films. Strong side seals, which exceed the seal strength of traditional polyethylene-based materials, are an inherent film property.
11.11.22 | Earthfirst® Films Receives Home Compostable Film Certifications from TUV Austria Earthfirst® Films Expands Film Options With Certified Home Compostable Print, Sealant and Flow Wrap Films
12.07.21 | Earthfirst® Biopolymer Films by PSI Launches Compostable Differential Sealing Temperature Overwrap Films Overwrap films include Home and Industrial Compostable versions for expanded End of Life (EOL) options. Home and industrial certifications are in process.
05.18.21 | EarthFirst Films by PSI Produces First PHA Home Compostable Packaging Film COLUMBUS, OH. – May 18, 2021. EarthFirst Films by PSI, a global bioplastic film technology and manufacturing company, announces the successful completion of the first commercial run of PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) home compostable packaging film.
01.05.17 | Heat stability complements Polyflex® TDO capability to print using flexo, roto, offset and digital printing systems
01.05.17 |   -EarthFirst® UL 9μ / .36 Mil High Performance Sealant-