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Earthfirst<sup>®</sup> Films Receives Home Compostable Film Certifications from TUV Austria

Earthfirst® Films Receives Home Compostable Film Certifications from TUV Austria

Earthfirst® Films Receives Home Compostable Film Certifications from TUV Austria

Earthfirst® Films Expands Film Options With Certified Home Compostable Print, Sealant and Flow Wrap Films

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Nov 10, 2022 – Earthfirst® Films added a line of TUV NF T51-800 certified home compostable films to its existing line of industrial compostable options. PHA in combination with other biopolymers, are engineered for films with at least 85% new carbon content¹. Available in print, sealant and flow wrap films, these new options expand End of Life (EOL) environments as well as provide greater accessibility to a larger consumer base.

Inherent in their chemistry, home compostable films are Greenhouse Gas (GHG) favorable to industry fossil-fuel based alternates and naturally lower packaging’s carbon footprint. The new films are built for performance within food, grocery retail, quick service restaurant, stadium foodservice and other consumer and industrial market segments.

“We are dedicated to bioplastic film innovation and passionate about advancing sustainability for a healthier planet.” cited Guenther Winnerl, Earthfirst® Films Chief Commercial Officer. “Our customers are transitioning to compostable films as part of their brand identity. Some are preparing for 2025 sustainability commitments and regulatory bills and our portfolio of films contributes to their objectives,” Winnerl continues.

Earthfirst® Films are DIN CERTCO certified for Industrial Compostability and TUV Austria Certified for Home Compostability. All Earthfirst Films are FDA compliant for food contact.

¹Percentages are subject to change with any biopolymer formulation changes for film properties

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Earthfirst® Biopolymer Films is a global manufacturer of bio polymer EarthFirst® compostable packaging films within food, beverage, quick-serve restaurants and other consumers packaged goods (CPG) and industrial market segments. Offices in Columbus, Ohio (PSI) and Ghent, Belgium (Sidaplax V.O.F.) serve 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Sidaplax V.O.F. is a subsidiary of PSI. For more information, contact

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