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Plastic Suppliers, Inc. Announces SQF Certification

Plastic Suppliers, Inc. Announces SQF Certification

[Columbus Ohio – January 31, 2019]

Plastic Suppliers, Inc., (PSI) a worldwide leader in sustainable compostable packaging, earned a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification after ten months of work and a significant investment.

An SQF certification contributes to current customer objectives, increases market reach and is preparation for FSMA compliance. It also expands the company’s ability to enter additional food-grade packaging markets.

“Expanding and growing our company to compete in the international food packaging industry has been a goal of ours for some time,” said George Thomas, PSI president and CEO. “Earning an SQF certification allows us to advance our presence in global food packaging markets while ‘doing our part’ for the environment.”

PSI manufactures bio-based sealant films (PLA), in both standard and metallized barrier options, under the tradename EarthFirst®. In addition to more sustainable packaging, the film is also lower cost in material, efficiency and supply chain. Plant-based EarthFirst® PLA sealant films are substitutions for industry LLDPE fossil-fuel based films.

More sustainable packaging achieves source reductions in both thickness and weight, translating to less packaging in landfills. EarthFirst® sealant films are FDA approved for direct food contact, USDA bio preferred and are compostable to ASTM D6400.

PSI is a global manufacturer of bio polymer PLA compostable sealant and metallized barrier sealant films within food, beverage, medical, personal care, office, industrial and other CPG segments. Offices in Columbus Ohio and Ghent Belgium serve 50 countries in The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and The Middle East.

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