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Sidaplax VOF Has Achieved BRCGS Certification

Sidaplax VOF Has Achieved BRCGS Certification

[Ghent Belgium 22 February 2021]  

Sidaplax VOF has achieved BRCGS Certification, a globally recognized standard for ensuring packaging material consistency across the world. The company has continually operated with strong supporting systems including rigorous standards in supply chain and traceability, quality protocols for process stability and IT supporting systems.

The BRCGS organization provides standards for companies supplying packaging to food manufacturers with the ultimate objective of consumer protection. Certification requires disciplined operating thresholds, a hazard and risk analysis-based product safety programme and supporting quality management systems.

“Our safety and quality culture now extends to an increased commitment in systems supporting BRCGS. This standard will help our customers grow their businesses with assurances that their packaging adheres to comprehensive safety protocols.” commented Bart DeKeyser, Managing Director. “Certifying to this standard strengthens our support of global food packaging companies.’  

Sidaplax VOF manufactures PLA biopolymer non barrier and barrier sealant films under the tradename EarthFirst®. This high-purity PLA packaging film is greater than 90% new carbon and made from plant-based, annually renewable sources. Inherently, the films are Greenhouse Gas (GHG) favorable to fossil fuel alternatives and compost into safe, natural and organic material.

EarthFirst® barrier sealant films offer significant source reduction opportunities through combining a barrier film and a sealant film into one. This film optimization translates to up to 50% lower packaging weight. As well, there are improved efficiencies throughout the supply chain resulting in 50% operational cost savings.

EarthFirst® sealant films are approved for direct food contact and are compostable to EN13432. Development of Home Compostable films is underway.

Sidaplax VOF is a subsidiary of Americas based Plastic Suppliers, Inc. (PSI), a global manufacturer of biopolymer PLA compostable sealant and metallized barrier sealant films within food, beverage, retailer private label, quick service restaurant (QSR), paper|paperboard and other CPG segments. Offices in Ghent Belgium and Columbus Ohio serve 50 countries in The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and The Middle East.


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